Howdy Cadets!

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Since our company opened its doors in 2012, we have been the official tutoring company of the Corps of Cadets. Every semester we prove to the Corps that they have chosen the right company for private tutoring services by helping their average GPA reach an all-time high.

Spartan-Tutoring is owned and operated by a Texas A&M graduate and a former member of the Corps of Cadets. We are proud to carry on the tradition and work to build up this outstanding group of students.

 Get the A’s and B’s You Want

For many cadets, just passing a class is not enough. We know what it is like to be driven to succeed and get the highest grades possible. With regular attendance at private tutoring sessions, we make it possible for you to really understand the concepts in your classes so you can ace every test you take.

Our ultimate goal is to give you the tools and knowledge you need to get the grades you want. When you reach your academic goals, the entire Corps earns a better average GPA which relates to the purpose of the cadets. Throughout the last several semesters, we have helped hundreds of cadets earn higher GPAs.

Whether you are in the Corps of Cadets or not, seek out our services today. Contact us to book your first, free appointment with a private tutor. We are located in College Station, TX, and are convenient for high school, Texas A&M, and Blinn College students.